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New Issue of Pottery Magazine Online, Issue #001 -- Monthly Newsletter
July 01, 2012
Happy Potting

Welcome to the first edition of Pottery on the Wheel Magazine Online.

2 New Pottery Books

This is a very exciting time for me at as I have just finished creating two new pottery books that were inspired by this site.

The first is called "Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners". It is closely based on the website but is formatted both for print and for Kindle in an easy-to-follow, how-to format.

The second is called "The Despicable Five- Five Infuriating Beginning Pottery Problems and Their Solutions", and it's only available on Kindle. It's a short guide (around 10 pages) to the big problems that all beginning potters face and how to overcome them.

See a preview of Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners on the home page.

Interview With Mitch Lyons

Mitch has been working in a very unique aspect of ceramics called clay monoprint. He has been a pioneer of this cool technique.

Read a short interview with Mitch where he offers some background on how he became interested in clay printing, his advice for beginning potters and more.

See the interview with Mitch here.

For all pottery lessons, videos, and advice visit

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