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Unique Slab Mug Handles - Pottery On the Wheel Feb. 2013
March 02, 2013

Learn how to create unique mug handles from clay slabs in this issue.

Tips for Creating Unique Slab Handles

Last month we learned how to attach a handle to the mug body.

This month we'll explore tips for making a unique handle using slabs of clay.

Slab handles are simple to make, but they take some refining to make look clean and professional like a pulled handle.

Steps for creating slab handles:

1) Roll out a flat slab of clay using a dowel or rolling pin. Use 1 or 2 rulers or paint stirrers on either side of the clay as a guide to help you roll perfectly flat slabs.

2) Using a needle tool cut out a handle shape in the clay. Be sure the size and shape matches your mug and that 2 to 3 fingers will fit inside after the clay shrinks in firing.

3) Allow it to dry to a soft leather hard (your mug body should be the same dryness). This is a good time to clean up any rough edges using a damp sponge, a finger, or a pastry roller. You can also carve designs into it at this point if desired.

4) Score and slip the attachment surfaces on the mug. Attach your handle to the mug and press it firmly into place. Clean up the edges with a damp brush, sponge or finger.

5) Double check that you attached it to the mug straight and then dry your mug slowly.

This and lots of other mug making tips will be included in my Mug-Making Book. Look for it this spring.

Next week we'll look at how to make unique handles from clay coils.


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