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November Issue #6 of Pottery On the Wheel E-Magazine
November 18, 2012

Welcome to the 6th edition of Pottery on the Wheel Magazine Online. This issue features:

- Holiday pottery gift ideas.

- Reminder of FREE Pottery Kindle book dates

Inspiring Holiday Pottery Gifts

The holiday season has arrived! Have you figured out what to get the aspiring potter in your life? What about a little treat for yourself?

I've assembled a few ceramic supply lists that will make your holiday shopping a breeze, while inspiring pottery creativity.

Finds lists for Beginners, Gifts Under $20, and Unique Gifts.

Check out the lists and even suggest your own list here.

FREE Pottery Kindle Books Nov. 23-26

I'm excited to announce that the time for FREE Pottery Kindle Books is here!

Black Friday through Cyber Monday! That's Nov. 23rd through Nov. 26th.

So, when you're online doing your holiday shopping you can grab a couple of freebies for yourself or loved one!

Thank you so much for adding them to your collection. I hope you enjoy them and that they make your pottery making easier, taking you to new levels of creativity this holiday season. They're full of tips and tricks inspired by this website.

If you LOVE the books, please give them 5 stars and a comment on Amazon so others will buy and LOVE them too. If you hate them or even just have ideas for how I can make it better for you and others, please email me, facebook me, or contact me through the website and give me your feedback. I will be grateful that you did and other readers will be too!

Click here for a link to your FREE books!!

Mug Drying Tips

In march I'll be releasing a brand new mug making book. In anticipation of the release of the book I thought it fitting to share a monthly mug making tip.

  • Be sure the handle and the body of the mug are the same dryness, whether soft or hard, before attaching the handle.
  • If attaching the handle fairly dry it will need to be formed into the desired shape BEFORE being attached.
  • If attaching the handle fairly wet you can use a little bit of water to pull and reshape the handle. The biggest challenge here is that the mug has to be softer too.
  • Paint some wax resist around the attachment points if you are concerned about cracking. This will help equalize the moisture between handle and mug.
  • With softer handles, dry the mug upside down so that the handle maintains it's "ear" shape.
  • Dry the mug slowly in a plastic bag or a damp room with a humidifier to help the dryness of the parts equalize.

Also visit the Add YOUR Two Cents page and choose 1 of 4 easy ways that you can be a contributing part of the community. There is a new section where you can add photos of your favorite KILN GOD.

As always the home page leads you to all the FREE pottery lessons, videos, and advice at

Thanks for reading, and Happy Potting.

- Steve

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