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What You'll Learn From These Books

> Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners starts from the very beginning.

It will take you step by step from never having touched clay to creating your own pottery masterpieces.

It will help you learn more quickly and easily.

This book assumes that you are brand new to pottery. It is written in simple, easy to follow language to guide you step by step to mastering pottery making.

Whether you want to make pottery for your own use, to give to loved ones, or to sell, this book will walk you through the steps all the way.

> The Despicable Five is a very unique book.

You can read it in an hour or two.

It's quick to read but it is loaded with solutions that every beginning potter needs.

It has 5 critical tips that will help you to solve the 5 most infuriating problems that beginning potters face.

These are problems that almost every beginning potter experiences at one time or another. These 5 problems can waste so much time that you could be using to MAKE POTTERY.

I have experienced these problems myself, and observed these problems in hundreds of students.

Take these five short lessons to heart and you will save so much effort, avoid frustrating roadblocks to your learning, and improve your skills quickly.

These books are available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. I developed the tips and tricks found in these books over more than a decade of teaching pottery.

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