Ceramics Magazines

The Art and Craft of Pottery Magazine Subscriptions

Looking for the best pottery and ceramics magazines for your studio or as a gift? Buy subscriptions online to popular publications like Clay Times and Pottery Making Illustrated.

Pottery making tutorials can help you master hard to learn techniques. Photos and illustrations of other pottery artist's work offer inspiring new designs and styles to explore.

This not a comprehensive list, but it covers the most popular and widely read ceramics publications.

My Recommendation - If you only buy one magazine to help you become a better potter, I recommend Pottery Making Illustrated.

In their own words, "Pottery Making Illustrated was created with one goal in mind — to provide proven tips and techniques for the studio potter in an easy-to-understand step-by-step format."

Best Ceramics Magazines

Clay Times - Covers techniques, artists, history, and clay culture.

Pottery Making Illustrated - Dedicated to teaching you pottery making techniques in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.

Ceramic Review - Includes techniques, artist reviews, and commentaries on contemporary clay culture.

Studio Potter - In their own words "SP promotes discussion of technology, criticism, aesthetics, and history within the ceramics community." www.studiopotter.org/

Ceramics Monthly - This magazine covers just about everything related to ceramics including technical info, glaze recipes, artist biographies and reviews and new techniques to the field of ceramics. http://ceramicartsdaily.org

Ceramic Arts and Perception - A professional quality magazine mainly focused on reviewing work and shows by creative pottery artists. www.ceramicart.com.au/index.shtml

Much like good pottery making books, pottery magazines can be a great resource to have in the studio.

They also make great gifts for the aspiring potter. It can be so hard to know what a potter might want or need, but you can't go wrong with a quality pottery book or magazine. It's something they can use over an over an keep as a studio reference.

Thanks for reading and Happy Potting.

- Steve

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