Find a Coffee Mug Tree,
Hanger, or Rack

Review coffee mug tree prices and designs by category.

Stands can be made from wrought iron, steel or wood.

Mug tree stands and racks come in a wide variety of styles and designs.

There are counter top stands and wall mounted, hanging or expandable racks.

Some are large and can hold up to 12 cups.

Others are smaller holding 4-6.

The 3 main considerations when choosing a mug tree are:

  • Style - wall mounted, hanging, tree stand, expandable
  • Materials - wrought iron, wood, steel
  • Colors - natural, black, metal, etc.

The following categories are sorted by style. Each style page will have more details on various materials and colors.

Coffee Mug Holders by Style

Coffee Mug Trees - Typically made of wood or metal, the mug trees stand freely on a counter top. They have "branches" that reach out to hold 4, 6, or 8 mugs.

Under Cabinet Coffee Mug Hanger - Typically made of metal wire or plastic, these coffee mug hanging racks attach to the underside of a shelf or cabinet. Great for saving space and organizing, some even slide in and out.

Wall-Mount Coffee Mug Rack - Wall mounted mug racks utilize wall space that is otherwise hard to use. They come in standard straight racks or expandable racks.

3 Best Coffee Mug Holding Trees

This very clean, stylish satin nickle coffee tree looks like a contemporary work of art.

It has a very simple but creative design.


- Satin Nickle finish

- 6 mug capacity

- Stable, sturdy craftsmanship

This well balanced mug rack is a fashionable addition to any modern kitchen.

It creates usable space while eliminating clutter.

This classic bronze mug tree stand makes a great addition to an historic or traditional kitchen.

Fine scrolling of the metal is incorporated into the design to create a stylish yet very functional piece.

The bronze finish is unique but subtle for a more classic look.

This stand holds 6 mugs well.

The turned up arms accommodate medium to large mugs and hold them securely.

It is also an exceptional price for such a quality stand.

This is the steel Spectrum scroll mug holder in a painted black finish.

It is made of steel wire for strength and durability, but with the classic look of wrought iron.

The base has a whimsical spiral and the diagonal movement of the curling arms adds style and flair.

This mug tree is heavy duty enough to hold 6 large coffee mugs with ease.

The weight keeps it stable when loaded with your favorite cups.

Thanks for reading about different types of coffee mug racks, stands, trees, and hangers.

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