Are You Feeling Clayful?

Clayfulness is a real word. (it's not a real word) Just don't tell anyone about it because it's a secret and we don't want the word getting out. (it's not a secret and we do want word to get out because it's really fun and who doesn't love fun?)

Confused yet? Here's the real definition:

Clayful - Takes the word playful and combines it with the word clay. Clayfulness is a means of expressing your playfulness in clay. Below, learn how you can express your "clayfulness".

Here's how it works:

You think of something playful you'd like to do or say with or about clay. Some examples are making a personalized pot, mug, coaster, bowl, plate, etc. by carving someone's name into it who you love.  Then... give it to them. 

Another example is turning a failed pot (you know, when the walls get all wobbly) and turn it into a FUNKY pot.  Let it stay wobbly. Let it dry a bit and carve windows into it to make a pixie house.  Whatever! Be clayful with it.

Here's a good one, throw a pot. No, silly, not on the wheel. Off the wheel.  Yeah, just throw it! Up in the air, onto the ground, at a friend;)

It's fun (just don't hurt anyone with it -k- 'cause that would be not at all clayful).

It's fun, it's free, it's easy. Ready, set, GO!

...oh and speaking of being clayful, check out these fun pottery making videos.

Okay, I've had my fun.

If you'd like to see over 50 free video tutorials about all aspects of throwing on the pottery wheel, please subscribe to my YouTube video channel.

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