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pottery artist how to make clay pots

Hi, my name is Steve McDonald.

I have been making art all of my life and making pottery specifically for almost 20 years now.

Teaching people how to make pottery has been a major passion of mine for many years.

In 1997 I finished my bachelors degree in art from The University of Washington in Seattle.

For a few years I lost track of pottery. I got caught up with working and surviving and it took me away from my art.

The idea of building this website actually rekindled my love of pottery.

You might say it saved me and taught me to be creative again.

I'm so grateful to have found that inspiration. Most of all, I'm excited that you're reading this, because even though you and I haven't met, it has provided me with the opportunity to share my deepest passion with you.

archie bray how to make clay pottery

About the photos

On the right, I'm hugging this huge pot that is sitting inside the entrance to the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. You can tell I'm pretty ecstatic! I've wanted to visit there my whole life and it didn't disappoint me.

Below I'm just sitting at the wheel making pots. The only thing you're missing is the crazy music blasting in the background. It always amazes me how time flies when I'm throwing. I'll start an album and then what seems like five minutes later the album is over. Time flies when you're having fun!

At the bottom is a photo of the Tetons near my house. I took that photo on my phone a few years ago. I can't get enough of those mountains. The wild weather and rugged terrain always inspires me.

how to make clay pots - artist photo

Magic and Mystery

The awesome thing about pottery is that it is full of magic and mystery. I still find myself entering a revered silence when I watch someone throw a pot.

At the same time, pottery is also very methodical and scientific.

So what's great is that whether you're a science geek or an art freak, or anywhere in between, there's an aspect of pottery that will inspire you.

That's what I love about it, and that's the reason I enjoy teaching people like you.

A Sense of Purpose

I firmly believe that the meaning of your life is determined by your experiences. One experience that I never imagined I would have is building my own website.

It has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I enjoy a strong sense of contribution at the chance to give back what I've learned.

An added bonus is that, even though everything I put on the website is free, it also earns me money.

I actually make income just for writing about what I love and sharing it for free.

I hope you'll find inspiration from the story of how I created the site and how you could make one too.

teton vista pottery inspiration photo

Since starting this website I've built several others as well, and I'm getting kind of addicted to it. The process is so fun and rewarding. The extra income is great too!

Want to learn about an incredible way to make a website about YOUR hobby? Get a feel for how I did it!

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