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4 Easy Ways to Add to This Community

Thank you for visiting and using Pottery-on-the-Wheel.com. I was able to create this website thanks to many readers who were willing to "Add their 2¢".

You can help me keep it going by "Adding Your 2¢" too.

We all have a little extra something. Your little bit of extra something can go a long way toward growing the Pottery-on-the-Wheel.com community. Here are 4 ways to help:

1) Share Your Inspiration - favorite photos, music, artist, teacher, etc.

2) Share Your Actual Dollars and Cents

3) Share Your Knowledge

4) Purchase Your Supplies Through This Site

1) Share Your Inspiration

What inspires you? Inquiring minds want to know...

1) Show us Your First Pot

2) What kind of music do you listen to when throwing?

3) Is there a view from your studio?

4) What's on the walls around you?

5) Who inspires you... artists, loved ones, teachers, pets?

6) Have an inspiring Kiln God photo?

Share Inspirations - Click Here

2) Share Your Dollars and Cents

I have been blessed with the educational and financial resources to create this sight. If you've been financially blessed, giving your dollars and cents will help me to continue to provide FREE content in the form of lessons, photos, videos, E-Magazines, and more. All of your financial support is greatly appreciated, in any amount.

Thank you for your support!!!

(No extra dollars? Scroll down for other EASY and FREE ways to help.)

3) Share Your Knowledge

Even if you don't have dollars and cents to donate, you can add your 2 cents worth of knowledge. Everyone knows something that not everyone else knows. Don't keep it to yourself.

Share it! Tell us about it. We need to know. No matter how small your contribution is there will be a reader, or many, who will be ever grateful that you shared.

Here are some ways to can share your knowledge and pay it forward:

1) Share Your Story (and photos)

2) Teach a Technique

3) Give a Pottery Tip

As the Jack Johnson song goes:

"It's always more fun to share with everyone."

4) Purchase Your Supplies Through This Site

You're already buying tools, clay, wheels and kilns. Why not purchase them through my affiliates? Your 2¢ goes a long way toward helping me share my passion for pottery on this site.

You can purchase directly through these links or any of the links on this site:


Kilns Wheels Tools and Books on Amazon

Dick Blick (get discounts too!!)

Blick Art Materials' Current Promo Code

Thanks again for visiting the website. Use it, add to it, and share it.

Thanks for contributing. It means the world to me! Happy Potting.


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