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Find the best new or used electric pottery wheel for sale. Get the help you need to buy pottery wheels for kids, beginners, new or used. Read electric pottery wheel reviews.

My favorite pottery wheel brands are, Shimpo, Brent, and Creative Industries (a.k.a Speedball).

I put together this slide show featuring some of my favorite potter's wheels. Further down this page includes pottery wheel reviews by features, such as power, price and portability. For more in depth recommendations on specific brand and models click this link to Electric Pottery Wheel Reviews by Model. Or continue reading this page for pottery wheel reviews by features

The Best Pottery Wheels You Can Buy
Sorted by Features

Here are the reviews of the best pottery wheels by features. First up...

Powerful and Durable

Powerful Brent Model EX Potter's Wheel

If you're looking for a pottery wheel for sale that has durability and power, the Brent EX is the most powerful wheel I am aware of on the market.

The Brent EX has a very smooth acceleration with a powerful 1.5 hp motor that can center a LOT of clay.

Even the strongest potter would have a hard time overpowering this workhorse with too much clay.

The Brent models, CXC, B and C are also quality pottery wheels for quite a bit less money than the powerhouse EX.

Find all the Best Brent Pottery Wheel Prices on Amazon

Light and Portable

Amazing Little Shimpo Aspire Pottery Wheel

For a light and portable pottery wheel I recommend the Shimpo Aspire wheel. It's a powerful little wheel, but light enough to carry easily.

I cannot say enough good things about the Shimpo Aspire pottery wheel. This table top wheel is powerful enough to center 20 lbs. of clay, and yet the wheel itself weighs only 25lbs.

The art museum where I teach has 4 Shimpo Aspire wheels. I have been using them to teach classes for the last year and for such a tiny, lightweight, portable INEXPENSIVE wheel, I cannot believe what a pleasure it is to throw on!

You can purchase it with two options: a foot pedal or a hand lever. The hand lever is less expensive and, to be honest, I prefer it. Especially for students and beginners it is easier to control your speed without your foot having a mind of it's own and speeding up at inconvenient moments.

Even for experienced potters like myself the hand control works great. Almost all of the videos you can see on my YouTube channel were done on a Shimpo Aspire with the hand control!

Check out this video of me carrying it to my car with one hand!!

Find the Best Shimpo Wheel Prices on Amazon

Great Price

The Clay Boss and Big Boss from Creative Industries (aka Speedball) are some of the least expensive wheels you can buy without major sacrifices on quality.

These wheels are commonly used in classrooms where a large number of wheels are needed but the pottery wheel budget is tight.

They are simpler and a little less smooth operating than some of the top wheels like the Brent CXC, but you still get a good wheel at an excellent price.

The main difference between the Big Boss and the Clay Boss is the Big Boss has a larger motor offering more power and the ability to center more clay.

Find the Best Clay Boss and Big Boss Wheel Prices on Amazon

Important update on best priced wheels:

Now that I have been using the Shimpo Aspire pottery wheel to teach my classes over the past year it is my new favorite wheel, particularly when it comes to price!

These are some of the cheapest pottery wheels available to purchase new.

<<<< Check out the link to the purchase page on Amazon. If you go through Amazon you'll see that you are actually buying through Blick Art Supplies, but you can use your Amazon account to pay for it, which makes it really convenient.

Unfortunately, the Shimpo Aspire is much more difficult to find used. That is why I have included the Clay Boss links to Ebay above. Ebay has a lot of great deals on used wheels but you'll rarely see a Shimpo Aspire on there. I think it is because this is such a great little wheel that once you use one you fall in love with it.

Even if you decide to take a few years off of pottery, it's so easy to store and move that it doesn't turn into a very expensive dust collector like most big, heavy wheels do.

Here is the Link Again for the Amazing Little Shimpo Aspire Pottery Wheel


The Shimpo VL Whisper can boast being THE quietest wheel in the industry. With a 1/2 hp motor it can center 100 lbs. of clay.

Find the Best Shimpo Wheel Prices on Amazon

Finally, visit my used pottery wheel page for advice on finding a used pottery wheel.

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