Find a Pottery Wheel for Sale

Find the best new or used electric pottery wheel for sale. Get the help you need to buy pottery wheels for kids, beginners, new or used. Read electric pottery wheel reviews.

My favorite pottery wheel brands are, Shimpo, Brent, and Creative Industries (a.k.a Speedball).

I put together this slide show featuring some of my favorite potter's wheels. For more in depth recommendations see the electric pottery wheel reviews below.

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The Best Pottery Wheels You Can Buy

Power and Durability

If you're looking for a pottery wheel for sale that has durability and power, the Brent EX is the best.

The Brent has a very smooth acceleration with a powerful 1 1/2 hp motor that can center a LOT of clay.

(This wheel is featured in the slide show above.)

Light and Portable

For light and portable pottery wheels I recommend the Shimpo V lite or Shimpo Aspire wheels.

The Shimpo V Lite is a powerful little wheel, but light enough to carry.

For a truly portable, packable wheel the Shimpo Aspire is the answer. This table top wheel is powerful enough to center 20 lbs. of clay, and yet the wheel itself weighs only 25lbs.

(Both of these wheels are featured in the slide show above.)

Great Price

The Clay Boss and Big Boss from Creative Industries (aka Speedball) are some of the least expensive wheel you can buy without sacrificing quality.

They are simpler and a little less smooth operating than some of the top wheels like the Brent CXC, but you still get a great wheel at an excellent price.

The main difference between the Big Boss and the Clay Boss is the Big Boss has a larger motor.

(Both of these wheels are featured in the slide show above.)


The Shimpo RK Whisper can boast being THE quietest wheel in the industry. With a 1/2 hp motor it can center 100 lbs. of clay.

(This wheel is featured in the slide show above.)

Visit my used pottery wheel page for advice on finding a used pottery wheel.

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