Fun Pottery Wheel Games

Here you'll find links and reviews for the 3 best online pottery wheel games I could find. You've heard of Let's Create Pottery the game app for ipad, ipod touch, iphone and Android, here are links to that and some fun FREE online pottery games too!

The Let's Create! Pottery Game is Awesome

I don't think a serious game dedicated to pottery has ever existed before this one. This is an extremely well designed and well executed game that allows you to create your own pottery on your phone, ipad, or ipod touch. It's pretty realistic and you get to finish it with fun designs when you're done.

You can buy it on itunes or google for android phones

Fun Free Online Ceramics Studio Game Star Sue

This one is a simpler game, but it's free, you can play it online, and it's well-done for what it is. It's really easy to play, has good instructions (not that you even need them) and it keeps score for you too.

I have gotten sucked into this one for a while. The best part is trying to shape the pot exactly like the example they show. It's a little addicting.

Check it out here.

Interesting Game With Non-English Instructions

This third one is a little trippy. The game makes intuitive sense throwing pots, decorating them and glazing them. It's easy right up until the end where you're supposed to place a hot pot straight out the kiln into the potters hands. No matter what I do he just screams and throws the pot on the floor.

The instructions are not in English and I have yet to figure it out, even though it is a little addictive. I dare anyone to figure it out by translating the instructions or trial and error. Send me a post when you do. This one is free too.

Here's the link. Good Luck!

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