Pottery Coffee Mugs

Pottery coffee mugs are one of the most popular projects to make with clay.

Custom ceramic coffee mugs are pretty simple to make once you learn pots and handles.

They are simply a clay pot with a handle attached.

The pot can be almost any size.

The handle can be as simple as a coil of clay, or as complex as a hand-pulled, sculpted, or carved work of art.

artistic coffee mugs pottery coffee mugs

See some incredible examples of simple, yet artistic coffee mugs by Page Pottery.

These potters really know how to create excellent custom ceramic coffee mugs.

They make a great variety of handmade coffee mugs, jumbo coffee mugs, ceramic coffee cups, and artistic coffee mugs.

Whether you're making a ceramic coffee travel mug, a set of ceramic coffee cups, or big coffee mugs, it will always be a fun and challenging project.

I really enjoy making large coffee mugs. People who drink a lot of coffee really seem to enjoy them because they don't have to refill as often.

Everyone has their own preferences as to the type of mug they like.

I find that I use the same mug about 80% of the time.

How to make a ceramic mug This funky one on the left is my all-time favorite.

First I throw a slightly thick mug on the wheel.

Then I completely hand carve the outside and the handle giving it this very organic texture, almost like stone or tree bark.

I enjoy feeling the earthy texture in my hands along with the heat from the coffee.

You can even create a handmade stoneware coffee mug using clay slabs.

See unique ceramic mugs for a list of fun ideas like this to make your pottery coffee mugs unique.

Also learn how to make a personalized coffee travel mug.

oversized coffee mug pottery coffee mugs

When not using my hand-carved mug, I generally go for smaller ceramic coffee cups.

That way I can keep filling the cup and the coffee is always nice and hot!

Another project that's practical and fun to make is a ceramic coffee travel mug with a narrow neck and wide base.

They're great for bringing in the car or using near the computer where you want to avoid any spills.

Also great for preventing spills are coffee mugs with lids.

They also help to keep your coffee insulated.

What's the perfect sized mug?

Is it a 20 oz travel mug or an oversized coffee mug?

Also, if you're looking for a non-pottery mug try all-the-best-coffee-mugs.com.

Buy Handmade Pottery Mugs

Here are a few quality handmade coffee mugs that you can buy online:

Mug Making Tips:

1) When you attach the handle, it should be the same dryness as the pot. In other words, if your mug is wet, the handle should be wet. If the mug is leather hard, let your handle dry to leather hard before attaching it.

The reason for this is that as the clay shrinks as it dries. You want the pot and the handle to shrink the same amount at the same rate. Otherwise the handle will crack away from the pot.

2) An additional tip to prevent cracking is to paint some liquid wax resist around the areas where the handle is attached to the pot. This is helpful when you are first starting out. Once you get the process down, you won't need to use this technique much.

oversized coffee mug by Page Pottery Finally, if you love using an oversized coffee mug take a look at these beautiful mugs by Page Pottery.

Thanks for visiting and reading about pottery coffee mugs, and Happy Potting.

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