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Shawna Barnes - JSB Arts 
Good Day to All! I am a disabled vet that turned to pottery/ceramics as therapy. Once my hands touched the clay, I was hooked! What was once therapy …

Carol Clarkson Pottery 
Carol Clarkson is a functional and sculptural stoneware clay artist. Each piece is thrown on the wheel, altered, carved and single fired in a gas kiln. …

Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat 
Offering over 40 online and studio pottery classes for the novice and beginning potter. Located on 30 acres East of Noble, Oklahoma, ESF has been serving …

A WEB CERAMIC DICTIONARY in English - Catalan - Spanish With Illustrations 
I am English and live in Barcelona, Spain. For 25 years I had a business decorating tiles using the Majolica method. This year I am sad to say I have …

Crop Circle Clay  
Love of Clay + Passion for crop circles = Crop Circle Clay! Hello, I am Diana Brower and I call my latest line of pottery Crop Circle Clay. My fascination …

Patty Storms Art 
Patty Storms, proprietor of Lakeside Pottery, is a painter and ceramic artist. She began her love for pottery under the instruction of Ken Kantro, (Lovell …

Lakeside Pottery Ceramic School and Studio 
Lakeside Pottery is a ceramic art educational resource focusing on clay art. IN OUR FACILITY .... Learn the art of pottery through our ceramic art …

Bill Landfair Raft River Pottery 
Hi Folks, I have been making pots for over 30 years full time and still love it; there is always something to learn and to experiment with!! …

Page Pottery 
Kristen and J.R. Page are husband and wife artists and craftspeople living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. To see more of their work visit …

Frank Sullivan 
I have been active in art for more than 28 years. In the true Folk Art tradition, my skills and knowledge of pottery has been developed through self …

Mark Anderton/RedFoot pottery 
Hi Kids, I'm a semi retired entrepreneur who has developed a serious passion for pottery. I'm totally self taught and have been throwing for a little …

Beth Peterson - WingedBlue Arts 
Hi World!! I consider myself primarily an artist (I work in other media as well as clay). Clay is by far my preferred media, though. I *love* it!! My logo, …

Mug Heaven 
Mug Heaven LLC. began in Utah in 1999 and is now located in North Carolina. We began with mugs, then added all types of handcrafted pottery from top US …

R Diane Martinez Not rated yet
I am Tarahumara Indian. I make contemporary pottery. I sell my work on the Santa Fe Plaza most days. My studio is open by appointment. I have won first …

Alycia Baca a Creative Artist Not rated yet
Hi my name is Alycia Baca and I am a Studio Artist here in Albuquerque New Mexico. I love to create sculptures.

studio: harish shah Not rated yet
retired as an architect in 2009 Born 1940. Live in Mumbai, India. Joined Raheja school of arts, Mumbai,to learn pottery as a hobby student in June,2012. …

Pottery and Ceramic Repair and Restoration Tutorial and Service Not rated yet
We offer professional ceramic and pottery repair and restoration services for individuals, collectors, antique shops and museums. Our repairs and restoration …

Rudnik Pottery Not rated yet
I have always had a relationship with clay since I was small. I was always into making things from mud and clay. In college my art professor told me pottery …

Claycrazy Pottery  Not rated yet
From the minute I put my hands in the clay, I was hooked. That is all I could think about. While I was awake and while I was in bed trying to fall …

Daniel E. Borup Not rated yet
I am a potter, sculpture and teacher from Idaho. I fell in love with pottery and sculpture when he was in high school. I kept with it through college. …

Pots by Steve "The Creator of" Not rated yet
Hey all, It's me, Steve. If you've been using this website you've already heard a lot of teaching, advice, and philosophical ranting from me. So, …

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This is a great place to get ideas to inspire your future projects. Check out Mark Anderton's work where he works exotic agates into the walls of his pottery. Truly amazing. If you can figure out how he does it, let me know!!!

This is also a great place to create your own biography page or mini portfolio to share with the world. You can include up to 4 photos of your favorite pieces. You might also consider adding your resume if you are referring potential clients to the website.

Solo Build It!

Once you have created your page and I have added it to the website you will have your own web address that you can share with anyone via email, facebook, or whatever your favorite media is (I like to write mine on the back of a napkin and give it to people... I'm kinda low tech).

Then you'll be listed among the best pottery artists like Beth Peterson, who writes for regarding EVERYTHING pottery related.

Thanks for reading, if you have any problems posting, contact me. Be sure to include your email so I can get you the answer you need. Happy Potting and Happy Posting.

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