A WEB CERAMIC DICTIONARY in English - Catalan - Spanish With Illustrations

by Susan Mussi
(Barcelona, Spain)

I am English and live in Barcelona, Spain. For 25 years I had a business decorating tiles using the Majolica method. This year I am sad to say I have closed my business.

But I still have my website http://www.ceramicsbensu.es/en/. It is in English, Spanish and Catalan and has illustration of all our tile designs.

I am constructing a free web Ceramic Dictionary, which is becoming an encyclopedia. It is also in the three languages and has as many illustrations as possible as images are an international language. http://ceramicdictionary.com/en/

I have a link section in the dictionary, which at the moment is very badly organized but during the next months I hope to get it sorted out.

I started the dictionary when a book I had written on the Majolica Method of working, after being accepted by a publisher, was suddenly turned down, in the moment of depression I used it to start a web ceramic dictionary.

Find time to look at it , make suggestions, corrections and tell me what is missing. A section on a ceramic specialty must be simple and educational and it would have to be recognizable as yours.

I am now working on the dictionary with Nuria Pié who has a great technical understanding of ceramics; she is Catalan and is helping in every way. We hope you find it useful and enjoy using it as much as we do in creating it.

Susan and Nuria

This is my book, it is digital and you can buy it on the internet.
The Majolica Method by Susan Mussi.

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Jun 21, 2015
My artical is missing the link to the dictionay!
by: Susan

I am Susan and adding comets about my article as it is missing the most import part a link to the dictionary! Here it have a look - Susan

Feb 24, 2012
Things Missing
by: Susan

Hallo Steve,
It is very disappoint no one has asked a question and there are many things missing, so I am writing to myself to tell the readers just few of the things the dictionary needs.

a) Ceramic museums and private collections that are open to the public, in any country.
b)A banding wheel that is electrically run. The name of a firm that makes them or if you have made one tell me about it. I have not been able to find one.
c)Barbara paper, I use it for stencils but would like to know what and how it is made and what other methods it is used for in ceramics.
d)Plastic gloves, why do they always have such short sleeves, my container for the glaze-base, is so deep that I have to put a band of elastic round the top of the glove to try and stop the liquid entering.

Here are 4 to start with,
Waiting for your answers,

Jan 06, 2012
by: Steve

That's awesome. I hope that lots of artists can contribute their education and their work to make it a truly valuable resource for ceramics education.

P.S. I love the tiles. They're really beautiful.


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