Gallery of Ceramic Images

A collection of ceramic images, clay pot patterns, and images of how to make homemade clay pots.

Includes photos of making pottery on electric pottery wheels to homemade clay teapots.

ceramic images ceramic mixing bowls
ceramic image - learn to make ceramic bird houses

pottery coffee mugs

Above left: Ceramic mixing bowls.

Above right: A handmade ceramic bird house.

Left: A handmade, carved coffee mug.

This is my favorite mug. I use it every day. Although the handle looks rough, it is actually ergonomically fitted to my hand.

Learn more about mugs, how to make them, add handles and more.

Also learn how to make ceramic travel mugs.

For a great book on pottery projects check out The Complete Potter.

Intermediate Clay Pot Projects
How to Make Homemade Clay Pottery on the Wheel

Two examples of how to make homemade clay vases on the pottery wheel.

Painting Clay Pots With Glaze, Ceramic Teapot
Firing Pottery Glazes in a Ceramic Kiln

Above left is a ceramic teapot with a bamboo handle. As an alternative to hand painting clay pots with pottery glaze, they can be dipped or poured, as with this teapot.

Above right is a kiln almost ready to begin firing pottery that has been glazed. It's my old Cress top loading ceramic kiln. It fires using a kiln sitter (part of the blue box on the front).

If you're looking for a great pottery photo book be sure to check out the book "500 Raku".

It's loaded with incredible photos of raku pottery.

I really love the 500 series books.

There are at least 7 of them including 500 Bowls, 500 Vases, and 500 Cups (these are my 4 favorites).

Each one contains 500 quality photos of beautiful, unique pottery to inspire any potter.

Browsing photos of work by other pottery artists always gives me inspiration to try new and different techniques in my own work.

Advanced Techniques for Clay Pot Patterns
Building a Pottery Studio

At the left I'm using calipers to accurately follow a clay pot pattern for a lidded jar. On the right is a shot of my working pottery studio.

How to Make Homemade Clay Pots Using Pottery Stamps

Above is a homemade clay pottery stamp being used to imprint a pattern on the bottom of a mini pot.

firing pottery cone pack

Above is a cone pack used for measuring the time and temperature in the kiln.

Best Pottery Photo Books

Kiln loaded and ready to start firing pottery greenware

Kiln loaded with greenware pottery. This is one of my favorite ceramic images.

ceramic greenware
studio potter and water

Left is a kiln being loaded with ceramic greenware. Right is me emptying my muddy water into a larger bucket so the clay can settle out over night.

teton mountains pottery inspiration photo

The Teton Mountain Range near where I live. It's a constant source of inspiration and recreation for me.

photo of me, the pottery artist
Archie Bray Photo

Me working in my studio and me hugging an incredibly large pot near the entrance of the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. If you have a chance to go there, I highly recommend it. Check them out online at

ceramic images goblet
ceramic images mini pots

On the left is a wine goblet and on the right a display of lots of mini pots or "pinky" pots at The Lavender Bundle in Red Lodge, Montana.

For a great book loaded with pottery pictures look at The Complete Potter's Companion


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