Clay Pot Projects:
Making a Wine Glass

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One of the more interesting clay pot projects to try is a wine glass.

What better way to enjoy a quiet evening than by enjoying a nice wine served in your very own hand made glasses.

They're not difficult to make, but they do require a little bit of patience since they are formed from two pieces.

This means you have to wait for the pieces to dry and then assemble them several hours after throwing them.

On the right is a wine glass formed from two pieces and then drip glazed.

The Cup

clay pot project wine glass handmade coffee mugs

First, using a baseball sized ball of clay, throw a small, rounded cup. For the shape, think of a wine glass shape that you like and fashion your cup after that shape. Set the cup aside and dry until leather hard.

The Stem

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Second, using the same amount of clay, throw a stem for the glass. When you are forming the hole in the center of the clay, rather than leaving some clay for a base, continue down through the clay all the way to the wheel head.

This will create a hollow tube, making your stem lighter. Pull the clay up into a cone that narrows at the top. Cut the stem free and allow it to dry to leather hard.

Connect the Pieces

clay pot projects wine glass greenware

Finally, when both pieces are leather hard roughen the edges where they will be attached. Add some slip for glue, and attach the cup to the handle.

Turn the wine glass slowly around to make sure the cup is straight and centered on the stem. Smooth the seam with a finger and finish with a damp brush.

The bottom of the stem will require a little bit of trimming or smoothing at this point to finish it off.

Dry the pot slowly. Fire it and glaze it.

Tip: Painting a band of wax resist around the seam where the two parts connect can help to prevent cracking while it dries. This tip can be used on any of your projects that require joining two pieces.

Homemade wine glasses are a great way to spice up the dinner table or to use for special occasions. Hope you enjoy making and using them, and Happy Potting.

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