Pots by Steve "The Creator of Pottery-on-the-Wheel.com"

by Steve
(Idaho Falls, ID)

My Favorite Cereal Bowl

My Favorite Cereal Bowl

My Favorite Cereal Bowl
My Favorite Coffee Mug
Difficult But Satisfying
I Never Grow Tired of Throwing These

Hey all,
It's me, Steve. If you've been using this website you've already heard a lot of teaching, advice, and philosophical ranting from me.

So, to take a slightly new direction, I'll just talk about the kind of pots I like to make.

I love functional pottery. I love more than anything to drink coffee or eat cereal from a quality hand made piece of pottery.

I mostly enjoy the process of forming the pots on the wheel. You may have noticed that from the amount of attention the forming process gets on the site.

Anyway, here are a few pots that I really enjoy. Hope you like them.

Oh, and Happy Potting.

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