Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat

by Ti Phillips
(Noble, OK)

Offering over 40 online and studio pottery classes for the novice and beginning potter. Located on 30 acres East of Noble, Oklahoma, ESF has been serving the educational needs of potters since 1995.

For those who wish to pursue a career in pottery, these classes have been designed into complete packages with financing available. Students may choose to take classes online, at the retreat or both!

We also offer a full range of studio equipment blueprints. Designed by pottery artist, Ti Phillips, our blueprints have traveled the world. Available are gas, wood and raku kilns, extruders, wheels, tool kits, studio equipment and wedge board tables. Detailed instructions and drawings or photographs. Modestly priced.

Artist Statement:
Working with raw materials to design new clay and glaze bodies has consumed much of my studio time since becoming a professional potter in 1996. To work with the very basic materials that formulate clays and glazes is what gives me much of my inspiration for my work.
Designing, calculating, applying and testing a new glaze recipe gives me the opportunity to play with a miniature clay surface, altering the application or the firing method just enough to achieve new characteristics in a single glaze. In my studio, it may take months to work a basic glaze recipe into a single satisfying glaze. But the results far outweigh the effort when the glaze comes to life. And from this effort comes my work. Unique and grounded in the very basics of pottery design.

Mission Statement:
What I learn and discover, I teach. Sharing all that I have come to learn with those who wish to consume more than just the basics of pottery design. From a grain of sand to a color spectrum of beauty that will last many generations, my passion for clay work is as strong as my passion for sharing. I hope to enlighten all potters who cross my path, to send them on their own journey with the knowledge and the spirit to create work with an understanding far beyond simply throwing a piece or glazing a surface.

For more information:
Phone: 405-268-9174

Retreat and studio facilities require registration.

Owner and Artistic Potter
Ti Phillips

Member of the Alliance of Pottery Artists Worldwide Association
Write and Review for Ceramic Industry PPP Sourcebook
Editor of Clay Workers Newsletter
Volunteer since 1995
Published Book 2011 - My Pottery Journal

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Apr 27, 2012
Online Classes
by: Jennifer B.

Earth Stoke 'N Fire is one of the best pottery studios in the country. I just love the online pottery classes because I can take them at my own speed and there is so much information offered to a newbie like me. If you want to learn every inch of pottery then you have to take classes with Ti.

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