Claycrazy Pottery

by Judy Frederick
(Baltimore MD 21234)

Sprial lotus bowl

Sprial lotus bowl

From the minute I put my hands in the clay, I was hooked. That is all I could think about. While I was awake and while I was in bed trying to fall asleep, clay consumed my thoughts. Crazy, right? And so that is the name I called myself, ClayCrazy, long before I even had anything to sell. I felt like it defined me.

In 1998, I began working in clay in a very abstract way, more as an expression on my inner most feelings. I did figurative and hand built work in earthenware with low fire glazes.

I began taking classes in all the studio arts. I found that the three dimensional work of sculpture and ceramics, was what I liked the most. After many ceramics classes, my wheel work lead me towards more functional utilitarian forms. I progressed to high fire glazed in both oxidation and reduction.

Making a pot requires that I listen to and feel the material, my thoughts and my feelings. I let the clay speak to me. Some forms cry out to me. “I’m the perfect shape for a teapot.” for example.

My decorative vessels have cut outs on the exterior walls of the vessel, or relief added to the exterior. When doing functional ware, I satisfy my artistic needs with creative handles, and decorative glazes. I have recently begun experimenting with different clay bodies. I am delighted by the various results you get using the same glazes on each of the different bodies.

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