Mark Anderton/RedFoot pottery

by Mark Anderton
(Franklin PA.USA)

Hi Kids,
I'm a semi retired entrepreneur who has developed a serious passion for pottery. I'm totally self taught and have been throwing for a little over 6 years.

I make all my own glazes and fire in OX, Pit Fire, and Wood Fire twice a year at our local college (Clarion U.) I will soon be trying Raku. I enjoy making lamps, votives, eclectic, & functional pottery.

I am currently adding a large deck to my 24 x 24 studio which was born as a garage. I am going to do shows in 2011 which will be my first full time venture into that arena. Should be fun!

Pictures reflect a range of my work which is always evolving. Enjoy!

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Dec 09, 2010
by: Mark Anderton

Yes they're agates from Montana/Brazil/& Mexico.
It took me a lot of T&E before I figured out how to make that process work. I've been told by more than 1 craft show goer that they have never seen anythig like them in 35 years of attending shows.
Very very time intensive but they are fun.

Dec 09, 2010
Really Cool Work
by: Steve

I love your work. I really respect and admire the fact that you have taught yourself pottery. I feel like you are living proof of the very thing that inspired me to make this website.

Please, please tell me more about what you have embedded in you pots and how you do that. Are they geodes? I absolutely love them!!!

Thanks for sharing your work!

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