Ceramic 20 oz Travel Mug
The Alternative to Stainless Tumblers

Here is a great alternative to buying a boring old 20 oz travel mug made of plastic or stainless steel. Instead of stainless, check out handmade ceramic travel mugs.

Not only are they handmade, which means they are created personally by an artist, but they also have a better feel to them and are more enjoyable to use.

I prefer different mugs at different times of the day.

For example, in the morning I have to sip my coffee slowly and in small quantities. Otherwise, I start freaking out from the caffeine and undergo an earth shattering crash before noon. Therefore, I drink from a small 8 oz ceramic coffee cup in the morning.

Then, when I leave the house in the car I know I'll want a little more for the road. That's when I move to the 16 or 20 oz ceramic coffee travel mug. I like the kind without a handle in the car.

Not everyone is the same. Many people will skip the 20 oz travel mug and head straight for the large coffee mugs early in the morning and keep refilling them until the pot is empty.

When I was selling my work at pottery shows I always made sure to have a few 32 oz over-sized mugs on hand. I had numerous people approach me and ask if I had any BIGGER mugs! When I asked how much bigger, they always replied, "I want to fill my mug one time in the morning and never have to go back to the pot again."

One thing is for sure, those people didn't need to lift weights after hauling all that coffee around.

Stainless Steel, Ceramic or Plastic?

Ceramic, of course! Hello, this is a pottery website. Seriously though, I do prefer pottery coffee mugs even for travel. They just have such a great feel to them, especially if they are in some way custom, unique, or personalized. I always personalize my ceramic mug handles to contour my hands.

Okay, honestly, I do have one plastic mug that I really do like. It's just the perfect color, and it has a really cool lid, and it even fits in the water bottle holder on my bike without spilling!

I've never been a fan of stainless steel mugs. They're pretty, but you can't reheat them, which I love to do, and they're just a little too sterile.

Regardless, enjoy your coffee and enjoy your mug and Happy Potting.

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