Large Coffee Mugs

With Hand-Pulled Handles

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Know someone who loves coffee, but hates going back for refills?

Large coffee mugs make the perfect gift for the ultimate coffee lover. Let's look at how to make one.

If you're interested in making a travel mug, check out ceramic coffee travel mugs.

Not only will we make the mug larger, we'll also create a hand-pulled handle, giving it extra style.
ceramic images large coffee mug body

The Body

We'll start by making the body of the mug.

For these large coffee mugs, use a ball of clay the size of a softball.

Throw the mug body the same way you would for a small mug... only bigger.

Take your time in centering the clay and refining the shape.

Notice how in this particular mug the wall tapers up into the shoulder of the pot, then flares in a the point where the lower lip of the drinker would contact the rim.

Let your mug dry for two to three hours before starting your handle.

Hand-Pulling a Handle

Start with a ball of clay the size of a softball. Squeeze one end into a cone. Hold the larger end with one hand. With the other hand gently pull and stretch the cone shape down toward the ground.
large coffee mugs pulling a handle making clay pottery Tip: Use plenty of water to keep the handle smooth.

It's best to have a large bucket on the floor to catch all the drips.

The motion is kind of like milking a cow. I've never milked a cow before, but that's what I'm always told.

Keep pulling and stretching the clay until it is nine inches long, one inch wide, and a half inch thick.

These measurements will vary depending on the size and weight of your mug. You want your handle to match the feel of your pot, while ensuring that it is strong enough to support it.

Tip: Use the crook of your hand, between your thumb and index finger to shape the handle as you pull. It will naturally become flat and wide. Rotate the handle from time to time so both sides remain even.

Finally, bend the clay handle until it touches the ball of clay to which it is attached. Prop the ball of clay upright on a table so the handle sticks up in the air like a loop.

Let it dry for an hour or so. When it it has firmed up a bit (enough to handle without mushing) cut it free at both ends.

Attaching the Handle

handmade coffee mugs photo gallery

First, use a clay needle or toothbrush to "score" or roughen up, the two spots on the mug where the handle will attach. Learn about clay needles and other pottery supplies.

Do the same to the ends of the handle.

Add a blob of "slip" or clay mud, to the two spots on the mug.

This will act as glue to hold the handle in place on large coffee mugs.

large coffee mugs attaching handle Next, press the handle onto the mug.

Be sure to support the wall from the inside with your other hand so it doesn't collapse.

Your handle should meet the wall at a 30 degree angle and then curve naturally down to the bottom attachment in the shape of an ear.

If your handle doesn't survive the the attachment process, that's okay. Just cut it off with a clay knife and make another handle.

While you are making your new handle, be sure to cover your pot with plastic so it doesn't get too dry.

To finish, double check the curve. It's easy to put the handles crooked on large coffee mugs, so look at the handles straight-on to make sure it comes off the pot straight. Smooth the edges where the handle was attached using a damp sponge or brush.

Tip: You can attach the bottom of the handle by pressing a pottery stamp into the clay. This creates a nice, decorative finish

That's it! You're done. Now dry your pot slowly and upside down so the handle keeps it's nice ear shape.

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