Coffee Mug Rack - Choose the Right Style

From expandable coffee mug racks to coffee mug trees, find the right coffee mug holder whether wrought iron or wooden, designed for the counter top or wall, holding 4, 6, or 8 cups.

Just like every set of mugs, every kitchen is unique and requires just the right mug rack to accommodate the space.

This page is dedicated to expandable wall mounted racks.

They are usually screwed or nailed to the wall and hold more mugs than the typical mug tree or under counter mug hanger.

Click for more information on an under counter coffee mug holder or information about counter top coffee mug trees.


Expandable mug racks are great because they are very compact for moving or shipping.

Yet they often expand out to hold as many as 10 or 12 mugs at a time.

They can fit into all sorts of small kitchen spaces like walls or cabinet ends that otherwise would be unusable.

In-Line Cup Holder

This type of coffee mug holder is also great for organizing small, hard to use spaces.

The one featured in the photo is for a vertical space.

They are available for horizontal wall spaces as well.

Typically these will be wooden.

Although, I have seen then made from wrought iron, chrome, and painted black steel.

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