20 years old greenware; will it fire properly?


20 years ago I made a navity, except for three pieces. I recently decided it was time to complete it. Pieces are in excellent condition. Will it fire without problems?


Well...yes and no. Let me answer that in two ways. The age of the greenware, especially if it is still in good condition, shouldn't affect the firing.

The main issue, though, is whether you remember at what cone (or temperature) the clay was designed to be fired? If you do, PERFECT! If not, I recommend starting by firing it to a very low temperature first.

If it is still porous (rapidly absorbs water) then try firing it higher. See the page of firing if you need tips. Good luck!

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Apr 02, 2016
20 year old greenware NEW
by: Anonymous

this is great news as my Mother use to teach ceramics and we have a basement full of greenware not fired and want to sell it to a studio or someone. We also have many molds both large and small if anyone is interested please contact me at terri4@aol.com and let me know, we are in Cleveland, Ohio

Sep 23, 2011
20 year old greenware
by: Anonymous

Had to drive 40 miles to find someone to fire it. Came out great. The glaze was also 20 years old and fired OK. I now have a complete nativity set. Thank you very much.

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