A really old work horse a (SKUTT WHEEL)

by Mark Anderton
(Franklin PA USA)

Early Skutt Wheel ca 1970's

Early Skutt Wheel ca 1970's

I inherited this Skutt wheel from my mother 12 years ago. I recently found an ad for this wheel in a Ceramics Monthly magazine dated 1973.

It runs at the perfect speed, unlike some of the newer wheels that turn way too fast for me. I find them (newer wheels) a little harder to work on even though they do have speed controls.

The max speed of my Skutt wheel is ideal and don't understand why newer wheels need that extra speed?

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Jan 13, 2023
I have I have one in great condition
by: Virginia Gunderson

Would like to sell mine for 500 bucks, if you're interested call me at 757-286-3645 or email me at virginiagunderson5@gmail.com. it's time for me to let it go to someone that will use it

Aug 11, 2022
my wheel NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased the same wheel in 1973. loved it and still have it. life got in the way and I stopped potting and now at 81 I want to start again. but since I bought my wheel assembled i never got an owners manual and need one SO IF ANYONE HAVE A MANUAL FOR SALE i'M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY. OR EVEN A GOODCLEAR COPY.


Feb 28, 2022
Skutt Wheel like new
by: Anonymous

I have this Skutt wheel (acquired new in 1970), 15 tempered masonite bats weighted pedal and lots of tools, kiln furniture, cones, and a small electric kiln. All still work fine. Make me an offer for the whole lot! Joe D

Dec 20, 2020
Bats NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Mark, I have the same wheel and was wondering where to get bats that fit the pins which are at an odd dimension, thanks!

May 04, 2020
Skutt Wheel
by: Linda

I just acquired a OLD Skutt wheel that needs new belts and a wheel top. It is just like the one you call "Old work horse" Skutt.com doesn't seem interested in providing any replacement parts for this little dinosaur. I am asking you if you know where I can get replacement parts.


Feb 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

If you ever interested in selling even if its broken please email me at. wess.vic@gmail.com

Apr 07, 2013
Bats for wheel
by: Sandy

I have this same wheel got it about 25 years ago and it is still running. The pins are at an odd size 10 11/16" on center. where do you get your bats?

Feb 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a skutt wheel I picked up when my school closed the art dept.
it's a great commercial grade wheel with lots of power and great control.
I have the electric wheel with a stand a weighted pedel for control and 5 bats.
Is this wheel worth anthing. I feel that it is better than the new stuff. Just heaver.
thanks mike

Dec 09, 2010
What a great score!
by: Steve

Thanks for sharing Mark. I know what you mean about the speed control. Sometimes I'll take my foot off the pedal so my wheel will stay at a consistent speed.


P.S. Your studio looks a lot like mine...except cleaner. Ha, ha.

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