Alex Deluxe Pottery Wheel

Children love the electric pottery wheel. Buy or review the Alex Deluxe Pottery Wheel Toy set for kids. It comes with instructions, AC adapter, tools and clay.

Alex Deluxe Pottery Wheel

Do you know an aspiring young potter who needs an electric pottery wheel?

The Alex Deluxe Wheel is a very fun, brightly colored, inexpensive pottery wheel toy. It's designed to inspire kids to play with pottery. Most kits come with play clay, tools, and a little wheel that actually turns.

If you have a child who is too young to use a pottery wheel safely, this can be a great introduction for them. It will get them playing with clay, exploring textures, and learning to use tools.

Note:It isn't really designed for throwing pots. It is a toy, so don't expect an eight year old to start throwing vases on it. Instead, try encouraging them to hand build a pot and then decorate it and paint it on the wheel.

When they are ready to really throw a pot get them started on a regular wheel. If you don't already have a wheel, you might consider a table top wheel like the Shimpo Aspire Pottery Wheel.

Shimpo Aspire Pottery Wheel

They're small, light, and portable at a reasonable price, yet powerful enough to throw pots successfully.

The important thing to remember with kids (and with adults) is to inspire them to play and explore. Then guide the play in the direction of knowledge while minimizing frustrating encounters. After all, we want them to fall in love with pottery just like we have. Thanks for reading and Happy Potting.

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