Buy or Review a Brent Pottery Wheel

If you want the best in pottery wheels I recommend a Brent Pottery Wheel. Brent has four main models the IE, B, C, and CXC.

I personally own a Brent CXC wheel. I have had it for almost 10 years and it works as well today as it did when I bought it.

I love how smooth, powerful, and quiet my Brent is. The CXC is one of the more expensive models, but with Brent potters wheels you're definitely getting quality.

Here are a few different Brent pottery wheel models including the manufacturer's descriptions followed by my thoughts about the wheel in quotations .

Brent Model CXC Power Wheel

Brent Model CXC Power Wheel

This is a heavy duty wheel for the potter requiring strong, consistent performance. It features all-steel construction, a tough 1 hp motor, 14" head, a heavy ¼" steel table, and a motor silencer. The 8-groove poly-V drive belt provides the best combination of power and efficiency. Continuously handles up to 300 lbs (136 kg) of clay. Splash pan and 14" Plasti-Bat included. Shipping weight is 126 lbs (57 kg). 10-year warranty. CE-certified.

"This is the wheel that I own and love. I'll be honest, I will never need to center 300 lbs of clay, but this is an amazing wheel. It just runs so smoothly and reliably. The pedal is amazingly smooth and even. The motor is incredibly powerful. I've beat mine up and moved it around a ton. It has held up amazingly, still runs like new."

Brent Model C

Brent Model B

"These are similar models to the Brent CXC wheel. In fact they look almost exactly the same. That's why I didn't include pictures. They basically just have smaller motors and are, therefore, proportionately less expensive. The model C has a 3/4 hp motor and the model B has a 1/2 hp motor. Check them out if you need a great, reliable wheel at a good value."

Brent Model IE Potter’s Wheel

Brent Model IE Potter’s Wheel

"Here is a tabletop Brent Model IE wheel, great for portability. It's 1/4 hp motor can still handle 75 lbs. of clay. More than enough for the average potter."

For more wheels, clay, kilns and tools visit my Pottery Supply Store.

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