Brent Splash Pan

by Steve
(Orange, Ca)

Hi Steve,
I have an older Brent wheel and just purchased a new splash pan for it. The splash pan is very unstable and rubs on the bottom of the wheel when I'm applying pressure as I center the clay. Do you know of any fix for this problem?

Thank You,

Steve K.

Hi, you know I haven't heard of that problem before. I have an older Brent wheel with the original heavy yellow plastic pan and it is really tight fitting. So tight in fact, that sometimes it's tough to get off!

I would first make sure it's seated on the wheel right. If so I might check with the manufacturer to make sure it's the right splash pan for that wheel. Besides that, you may be able to create a simple wood or plastic shim that could be placed under the pan to snug it up.

As a side note, I don't rest my arms on the splash pan while throwing. I don't find it to be a reliable stabilizer and it also makes my forearms sore from resting on the hard plastic.

I learned to throw on a wheel with a very flimsy splash pan so maybe that's where I developed the habit.

Instead I tuck my elbows into my hips for centering, and rest them on my thighs for trimming and lighter throwing activity.

Hope something in there helps.


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Apr 07, 2013
by: Steve K

I solved the problem to the loose Brent splash pan. There are 3 quarter inch screws that hold the wheel on. I put fender screws under the screw heads that protruded out about an inch. The splash pan slides right underneath the washers with a nice snug fit.
Now I know what people are commenting about how sometimes difficult it is to get them off.

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