Can Acrylic Paint Be Fired in a Kiln?

by Kristal

Question: Can acrylic paint be fired in a kiln?

I have a relief sculpture that is about 3 cm thick, by 10 by 10cm. I'm worried about the acrylic paints melting... I'm planning to paint with acrylic on my relief sculpture (flat about 3 cm thick) but I am leaving some places unpainted, and I also plan on putting a clear glaze on the whole thing except the bottom in the end, but I'm worried about the outcome. Will the glaze cause the acrylic paint to melt with it and cause the colors to blend in the kiln when i fire it?

Answer: Acrylic paint should not be fired.

That's a great question, I'm glad you asked. Acrylic paint should not be fired in a kiln or combined with pottery glazes. It might even catch on fire in the kiln, so I definitely recommend against it.

The acrylic paints are designed to dry on their own. If you want a clear finish over the outside you can use a clear brush on, or spray on acrylic coating.

Acrylic is great for sculptures or wall hangings but should not be used with dinnerware or other functional pots that come into contact with water or food.

Hope that helps.

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Sep 16, 2020
Don't use acrylic paint for food / drink objects. NEW
by: Anonymous

Generally speaking, acrylic paint is not classified as food safe and as such it is possible for paint chemicals to slowly leech out with each successive washing.

Jan 31, 2017
Acrylic in kiln NEW
by: Anonymous

Why would this process be a bad choice for objects like cups used for drinks?

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