Can I Fix My Thrown Pot that's Too Dry to Trim?

Hi Steve, I like your site it is very helpful.

Question: So, if I have a piece that has become too dry to trim what would be the best way to bring it back to leather hard without damaging it?

Thanks Kyle, I'm really glad you like the site. As for revitalizing a thrown pot that has gone fully dry at the time of writing this I haven't done it. But if you read the comment below there is an interesting recommendation for how to do, which according to what I know about re-hydrating clay, should would as mentioned.

I don't recommend just adding water onto the pot, because if you add water back into the clay at this point it will re-hydrate the clay unevenly. Then when you go to trim it, your tool will cut deeper into the clay that is softer, leaving an uneven foot.

Try the method with the plaster bat and plastic bag and let us know if it works for you as well. As we all know it can be pretty frustrating to create a great piece and then forget about it until its too dry to deal with, so this could be a great addition to your bag of pottery tricks!!!

If it's already even on the bottom and you don't need a foot, you can just smooth it with a damp sponge and call it good. Just be sure that it will sit evenly on a table. Wobbly pots are fun, but not very functional:)

Hope that helps,

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Aug 12, 2012
Rehydrate a pot
by: Anonymous

You can rehydrate a pot. Take a piece of plaster, totally saturate it. Then put it in an air tight container with the pot for about a week. Check on it after the first 3 days and then daily. The pot will rehydrate evenly. It has always worked for me. I keep a styrofoam cooler with a layer of plaster on the bottom just for this kind of fix in the class studio. Don't forget it though. As the plaster dries out again, so will the pot. You will be right back where you started

Note from Steve:
Thanks for your experience. I love this tip and cant' wait to try it myself.

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