Ceramics Glaze Recipes

Here are some examples of Ceramics Glaze Recipes in various colors. Return to painting clay pots with glaze to learn about glazing techniques and the different types of ceramics glazes.

The following recipes were shared by Jerome Nevins, professor and lecturer. See more about him at www.jnevins.com.


woodash 50
ochre 25
custer Feldspar 25

Keep glaze thin or you will be scraping shelves. Becomes transparent yellowish brown and very fluid when thickly applied. The mid way thin/thick of application is mottled like a salt fired piece and is satin matte. But I got great reds, yellows, browns, blacks on pieces where it's thinner. To make tiny rivers of ash I make the same glaze substituting Red Art for the Ochre and trail it on with a slip trail bulb. Caution: use rubber gloves with unwashed ash glazes or face the possibility of contact dermatitis.

Temoku -- cone 6-7

feldspar 432
silica 260
whiting 210
kaolin 100
red iron oxide 200
bentonite 38

Mesa Community College., James Jacobs

Shino -- cone 6

nepheline syenite 545
spodumene 228
ball clay 149
gerstley borate 49
soda ash 29

Mesa Community College., James Jacobs

Floating blue cone 6 ox.

neph sye 47.3
gerstely borate 27.
silica 20.3
kaolin 5.4
red iron ox 2
cobatl carb 1
rutile 4
bentonite 2

This glaze has been around the bend a few million times, must have been posted on clayart many times. It's a glossy tan background with lots of blue floating. It's an absolutely reliable glaze, doesn't run, pinhole etc. you can't go wrong with it.

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