Clay Boss Pottery Wheel

Buy, review or shop for a Clay Boss Pottery Wheel online. Speedball Creative Industries builds the Clay Boss and Big Boss. They stand alongside Brent, Shimpo as one of the best brands in electric potters wheels.The Clay Boss and Big Boss are essentially the same construction. The Big Boss just has a larger motor allowing you to center a larger amount of clay.

These are quality wheels that are generally less expensive than Shimpo or Brent. I've used them while in school and had a great experience with them.

Clay Boss and Big Boss

Clay Boss

There are generally two arguments against this brand.

They tend to be a little noisier than the more expensive brands, but that may by justified by the savings on the price.

They also used to have a low quality splash guard design, but that has been changed.

I haven't used the new design but it appears to be much improved. The feedback I have received from other potters supports that.

For more wheel brands including Brent and Shimpo visit the Pottery Supply Store

Thanks for reading, and Happy Potting.

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