Clay for Use in Microwave Oven

Question- I would like to make some bowls, plates, etc. that can be used to heat food inside a microwave. What kinds of clay can I use? Do you sell such clay?


Answer- Most high fire clays will be safe to use in the microwave. Most low fire clays would also probably be safe, but they wouldn't hold up as well over time if you were microwaving them frequently.

The reason for this is that the clay is not as well vitrified, meaning it is more porous. Small amounts of water call get into the vessel and the heat from the microwave can crack or damage the vessel over time.

One thing to avoid is high iron content in your clay or glaze. Iron tends to literally heat up the pot in the microwave. That's where you hear about people burning their fingers on a mug handle after it's been in the microwave.

I have an old mug from my grandma that does that.

To answer your other question, I don't have any specifically microwave safe clay for sale through the site. It's all low fire, so I wouldn't recommend it in the microwave.

One great place to locate good high fire clay, however, is through They also have a dealer locator on their website that shows dealers all over the country so you can find the one that is closest to you to save on shipping. The dealers will be able to recommend specific clays that are best.

Laguna makes great clay and you can get it at dealers all over the US.

Hope that helps,


PS Please put up some photos of your pots on the website when you're done at

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