Clay Recipe

Homemade Clay for Kids
Air Dry or Oven Bake

This is a great air dry or oven bake clay recipe for kids.

Make homemade clay scuptures, figurines, beads, and flowers.

Hardens in the air or oven.

Uses simple ingredients of flour, salt, water, and optional vegetable oil.

Easy clean up and tons of fun. Your kids will stay entertained and learn to use their creativity with this easy to make clay.


2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup hot water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil (optional, for smoother texture)

Mix the Clay

1- Combine flour and salt in a large bowl.
2- Add hot water (and optional oil if desired) and mix thoroughly.
3- Let cool until comfortable to knead (about 5 minutes).
4- Knead until smooth and pliable (about 6 minutes).

Fun Pottery Tools

Modeling Ideas

Roll out the clay with a rolling pin and cut out shapes with a cookie cutter.

Make small figurines, flowers, or beads (keep them from getting too thick for better drying).

Let them air dry, usually takes about 5 days if they aren't too thick. (Rotate twice a day.)

Paint them with acrylic or tempera paints.

Also try adding food coloring to the clay when first mixing to color the clay.

This clay can also be baked at 300 for 40 minutes or until hard. (This gives the clay a golden brown "baked" look which I like. If you want the clay to stay whiter, bake at 250 for 50 minutes or until hard.)

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