Crafts for Seniors

by Karen A O'Brien

I've been asked tomput together an art class for a group of seniors. I was thinking clay as a good medium as I think it is therapeutic!

We don't have a wheel or a kiln, still I'd like the end product to be useful, a plant pot, coaster, or at least decorative.

Any suggestions?


Hi Karen,
Well, it can be a little tricky if you don't have a kiln, but there are options out there for air dry clay and oven bake clay... you can do a decorative vase or a box out of clay slabs or coils, but if you use air dry clay you wouldn't want to put any liquid in it.

Here is a link to some air dry clay that you can paint with acrylic paint. I haven't used it before, but it's a best seller and the reviews of it are great.

Air Dry Clay 5 Lb Bucket

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