Cutting the Roof Angle for a Birdhouse

I want to make your birdhouse, but am confused about how to make the 30 degree angle. I have a protractor in inches. How do you measure this? Thanks

First, let me say that if you are using a protractor you are doing great. That sort of precision helps a ton in pottery.

If you set the protractor on the top rim of the pot you should be able to line a ruler from the 30 degree mark to the center of the protractor and draw a line along the ruler on the birdhouse to give you a guideline.

But to be honest, I'm not usually that precise. I don't measure the angles. I just eyeball it to the angle that I want the roof to be. I usually have to trim a bit more off here or there to get it even.

That's why I recommend using a flat piece of wood to lay against your cut to check for evenness. You'll be able to see light through any majorly uneven gaps.

The important thing is to have the clay at the right dryness. A little softer than leather hard is helpful. It makes the cutting easier, and gives you time to play with it before it gets too dry to attach the roof pieces.

Sorry it's not more mathematical, but I hope that helps.


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