by kyle

hello steve,

my name is kyle and i am in the marines stationed in hawaii i took ceramics in high school and got pretty good throwing on the wheel i would like to get back into it and wanted to know if you knew of any studios on the island of oahu where i would be able to possibly rent the space or buy a used wheel from? thanks for the help.... kyle.greer04@gmail.com

Kyle Greer

First I have to say that I'm more than a little jealous that you're in Hawaii, although I hear it pales in the comparison to the splendor that is Eastern Idaho :)

I've never been to Hawaii and I don't know anything about the pottery situation. I can imagine it's tricky with shipping costs. I'll send this question out though, and hopefully another reader will have more insight.

Thoughts Hawaii potters??


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Mar 20, 2013
Studio on Post
by: Lauren H.

I'm not sure if you've found your answer yet. I am also looking for a used pottery wheel in Hawaii and stumbled across this website.

There is a pottery class on Schofield Barracks. If you are in the class you can use the studio for free. If not, it cost 5 dollars every time to use. I'm not sure about cost for firing, but I'm sure you could talk to the store about it. This is their site.

Also, there is the Hawaii Potter's guild. I almost took classes with them, but it's in Honolulu and costs twice as much. You could talk to them about studio time also.

There's also a store in Honolulu that sells clay for $15 for 25 pounds. Not bad considering shipping costs to Hawaii. It's called Ceramic Hobbyist... kind of behind Ala Moana mall.

Hope that helps.

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