I am wondering if we can glaze our bisque pieces even if the kiln did not reach the 06 temp were were hoping to reach

by betsy

Question: We did our first bisque fire and discovered that the o6 cone did not bend, hence not reach temp before the kiln turned off after 8 hours. We unloaded the kiln and all looks like it fired well, porous and ready for glazing. Is there a way we can check to see if it is OK to glaze now or do we have to re-fire these pieces? thanks much for your help.

Answer: Yes. If the pieces are under-fired a little bit that's okay. I have actually fired bisque ware to cone 08 and glazed it without any problems. The important firing work is done pretty early in the bisque firing process to fire out the chemical moisture, so if it got even close to cone 06 you're fine.

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