I want to learn how to make Pottery

by Peggy
(Fishers, IN USA)

I have always wanted to learn how to make Pottery but was afraid. Now I'm much older and the thought has come back to me.

I just want to feel the clay in my hands & see what I can do. Please can you help me?

How do I get started and how much will it cost?
Fishers IN

Thank You, & God Bless U, for your site and me finding it :)

Thanks for the question. I'm so glad you did find the site. Getting started making pottery is really what you make of it. If you don't know of a studio nearby or have other potters to share equipment with you can still get started for around $400 if you're creative.

You can get a used or inexpensive wheel for a couple of hundred dollars. The kiln is the hardest part, but you can even get a small electric kiln that plugs into a regular outlet in your garage for a couple of hundred dollars as well.

Besides that a $10 tool kit and a bag of clay will get you a long ways. This site has all the videos and instruction. Add to that a couple of good books and you can learn to make some great pottery.

Check out this link Getting Started for an overview of what you'll need.

At the bottom of the page under Five Essentials to Making Pottery are links to information on every step of the way.

Also check out my Pottery Supply Store for some great tools and supplies to get you started.

You nailed it on the head when you said, "I just want to feel the clay in my hands & see what I can do."

That's what I love about pottery. Have fun and Happy Potting.


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