Kid's wheel?


Hello Steve,

So, my 8-year old daughter is a little artist and I thought I would get her an inexpensive pottery wheel to se where she went with it. The children's wheels that I have read reviews for all sound cheap and don't seem to spin very well with any pressure at all applied to the clay. I found this one, Artsite Motorized Pottery Wheel (link below) on ebay, but I cannot find any reviews or even descriptions of it anywhere. Have you heard of this particular wheel? Or do you have any suggestions that are under $100?




Hey Ben, thanks for the question. I checked out that wheel on ebay. I've never seen those before, but from the looks of it, I'm guessing it will work similarly to the other inexpensive kids wheels that don't have much power.

Unfortunately the cheapest wheel that I've found that is strong enough to really learn pottery on is the
Artista pottery wheel.

The Shimpo Aspire pottery wheel is slightly more expensive but it would be my first choice.

Both are a lot more than $100, but they would be my minimum recommendations for someone who actually wanted to create pottery on the wheel.

Hope that helps,

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