My Brent Wheel Pedal Won't Stop

by JJ

I am trying to figure out the newer pedal system for my brent B wheel..., can you tell me anything about it? I have heard that brent made a mistake by creating these new pedal systems.

They are very sensitive and if you stomp down on the pedal the wheel keeps slightly rotating you have to ease it down slowly to get it to stop.

Is this like this on all the new brent wheels or is mine just acting up? (it is new)

Thanks for the question. I've never had this problem, and I haven't heard about the new pedals having issues, but I may have a solution to your problem.

It could just be that your pedal isn't adjusted right. Check out this posting for easy follow instruction for adjusting your pedal. Hopefully it will work on the newer models as well. If not, I would definitely contact Brent to get the problem fixed, because the pedal should not be doing that.

Here the post My Brent Won't Stop.

Hope that helps,

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