Myself and Glazing!

by Marian Williams
(Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia)

Why is it that I sometimes HURRY at the end of a glazing cycle and take short cuts or get sloppy? It always results in a WTF moment and disaster! Not cleaning the foot of a pot can make the final result less than appealing and all that hard work is in vain! Slow down and do it right! (that is a comment to myself!)

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I know all too well what you mean. I think that some of us were destined to love FORMING, and some of us were destined to love FINISHING.

I'm one of those who loves the forming aspect, as you can probably tell from my focus on forming techniques on the site.

Sometimes you've put so much time and work into a batch of pottery by the time you get to the glaze phase that you're just TIRED. That's definitely the time to take things slow and proceed with care (or in my case, save it for another day entirely).

I sure have learned that the hard way... and continue to learn it as I rush through big batches of glazing :)

It's great when you have a team and each person can do the task that they ENJOY the most!!

Thanks for sharing.

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