Pottery Tools

Having the right pottery tools is essential for making pottery. Whether you're learning how to make pottery for the first time or you are a seasoned professional you'll find clay tool ideas here.

Also find ideas for more tools on the Pottery Supplies page or learn to make your own ceramics tools.

The Uses of Each of These Tools

1) Wire Clay Cutter- The most important clay tool for throwing on the pottery wheel is a wire clay cutter. The clay cutter is important because you need it to cut the pot off the wheel when it is finished.

You can purchase one for about $2.00 or make one using fishing line connected between two dowels. The clay wire is also good for cutting slabs for hand building, cutting blocks of clay for throwing, and for cutting the rim of the pot to make it even.

2) Sponge- The second most important tool is a sponge. sponges range from inexpensive synthetic sponges for under $1.00 to naturally harvested sponges which vary based on size and quality.

Sponges are important for controlling water, reducing friction while throwing, and adding water to the pot.

3) Clay Needle- A clay needle is important for carving into the clay, making precise cuts, trimming the rim, and poking holes to prevent pots from exploding in the kiln. They can also be purchased inexpensively for around $2.00.

4) Clay Rib- A rib can be made of various materials: wood, metal, plastic or even rubber. Ribs are useful for shaping pots inside and out. They can smooth and scrape, or even add textures to the clay surface.

A rib can be homemade from an old music CD, or purchased inexpensively. Homemade and custom made wood ribs are great because they can be designed to create a specific pot shape.

5) Clay Knife- A clay knife is important for cutting the excess clay from the bottom of the pot, cutting coils of clay to size, as well as carving into leather hard clay.

As with other pottery tools they can be purchased inexpensively. Are you seeing a trend here? Clay tools are cheap. You can even use a kitchen knife.

Tip: Other kitchen tools are handy as well. Forks are great for adding texture and scoring clay for attaching handles. Rolling pins are good for making clay slabs.

Pick up the same set of pottery tools that I use from Amazon for under $10.00 (pictured above).

Thanks for reading and Happy Potting.

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