Question on Storage Shelves for Wet and Dry Pottery

by Jan

(see Steve's reply below)

Hi Steve,
I don't make pottery, but my friend does and he has a studio in his home. He is always throwing plastic covers over wet pieces and I thought I can get him some shelves for his birthday.

But the more I looked into it, the more I felt I'm over my head. I would really appreciate some advice from you.

I understand the idea of having 3 sets of shelves: one for wet pieces, one for fired once, one for glazed (I think that's how it goes...?) So originally I was looking at Ikea's IVAR 3 sections shelves (

I can nail plastics over the sides of the first section to create a damp area. Then I realized that these shelves are only 11 3/4" deep and most bats are over 12" in diameter.

So now I'm looking at either the IVAR 2 sections ( or 4 sections (

Both are 19 5/8" deep. I think the 2 sections shelves will be more versatile, since each section is wider, but the 4 sections shelves can give him space to store any other supplies.

Which would you prefer if you were just starting out? Or maybe none of these are good ideas and I should think of something different?

Thanks so much! I really look forward to your reply.


Steve's Response:

That is an excellent question and well thought out. I checked out those shelves and if it were me, I would go with the 2 sections shelving units with the deeper 19 5/8" shelves.

This one

You're right about the bats fitting easier, and having fewer vertical slats makes it easier to get them in and out without bumping your unfired pots.

It's really annoying trying to squeeze a wet pot out of a narrow little shelf!

I'm sure he'll appreciate your through research. What a lucky potter!

Best of luck,

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Apr 17, 2012
by: Jan

Thanks Steve!
I was so worried that I'll have to find something else. Again, thanks so much for writing me back!

My pleasure Jan

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