Shimpo Pottery Wheel

by Richard Lee
(Aguadilla, Puerto Rico )

I have a Shimpo pottery wheel and it works wonders. It's size is pretty practical for small to medium size jobs.

It has great speed control and a very reliable wheel. It's been with me 4 years now and is silent and durable.

I recommend it for pottery lessons and overall it has been a great investment. If you want to buy one go for it. I give them the thumbs up.


P.S. Great Site!

Thanks Richard,

I've never owned a Shimpo, but I have used a few. I've been thinking lately that it would be cool to buy a few small
Shimpo Aspire Pottery Wheels

They would be great for teaching classes on location away from the studio; light, small, and easy to transport.

Thanks again for sharing,

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Apr 26, 2016
Shimpo Aspire NEW
by: Susan

I just got a shimpo aspire wheel and found a few drawback I can share.

First, and most importantly, since it is a tabletop wheel, I am still finding it difficult to throw with a consistent base on the pots. It is, more often than not, way too thin. I NEVER have this problem on a standard wheel with connected seat, so 'Im sure it has to do with the difference between the wheel height and the seat height. I've got to take some measurements on a setup that works and adjust mine. But this may not be possible if you're considering a mobile studio.

Second, the bats are non-standard. A few companies are making them specific for this model, but not many are available.

And third, if you want to be able to throw a decent sized bowl, you may not be able to make it very wide. The bat is only 8", so unless you aren't going to trim the foot at all, you need to leave some room for lugs, making the max diameter only about 7". This is limiting for me.

Other than that, it does have a strong motor and an nice feel.

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