What, if any, are the problems with firing a cone 4 clay to cone 6?

by Pete Wagar
(Hayward, WI)

Question: I am firing low fire clay rated up to cone 4 at cone 6 with no glaze, just oxides with a little frit with very nice results. Wondered if there might be problems down the line.

Answer: If you're already doing it that way with good results, then it's probably fine.

In general the risks of over-firing are that your clay body or your glazes will actually begin to melt.

The problem with this is obviously that the shape of your pot can distort or sag and your glazes will run off of the pot and ruin your pot and your kiln shelf.

Where you aren't using glaze and you are seeing good results I'd say fire away!!


P.S. Pete, would you mind posting some photos of your pots on our Pottery Artists Page. I would LOVE to see them.

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