What is the process of making pottery called?


What is the process of making pottery actually called?


Well, in the case of making pottery on the wheel it is called "pottery wheel throwing". However, many people refer to it as "making pottery" or "throwing pottery" or simply "throwing".

In the case of pottery created by hand it is referred to as "hand-building."

Here is a little excerpt from my FAQ page (located under "Resources" in the left column):

Why is it called "throwing"? - Some say it is called throwing because many potters actually throw the clay onto the wheel to make it stick.

Others argue that it is called throwing because the origins of the phrase "to throw" means "to turn", like the turning of the wheel (this is probably the most accurate answer).

I think it's because when you mess up a pot that you've been working on all day, you want to throw it out the window.

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