What's the best way to get clay to stick on a plaster bat while throwing?

I have a Randall motorized kickwheel that requires I use a clay pancake with a plaster bat. I'll be in the middle of throwing and my piece comes completely (and quite cleanly!) off the plaster. How do I keep this from happening?

Great question. Here are a couple of things to check for that may be causing trouble:

1) Make sure your clay and the bat surface are dry before you place your clay in the center of the bat (a little water or slip on either surface can cause a lot of problems)

2) Throw and/or press your clay down onto the bat very firmly. Many people slap the clay down hard. I like to set it in the middle and then lean on it with both hands.

3) Make sure your clay is not too dry and that your bat is clean of dust and debris.

4) When you DO add water and begin to throw press down hard again on the top of the clay while the wheel is spinning.

5) Finally, if none of that works, try using a bat made of a different material such as wood or plastic. You can still attach it using the clay pancake method.

I hope that helps. Drop me a comment and let me know how it goes.

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