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The quickest way to brighten your day is with ceramic flower pots. Find handmade ceramic pots, photos and ceramic images, lots of pottery designs, flower pot men and clay pot people

The quickest way to brighten your day is with ceramic flower pots filled with vibrant flowers. Handmade ceramic pots transform a house into a home.

They're not hard to make either. Once you can make a good sized bowl, you can make a flower pot. Let's look at what type of clay to use and then we'll make one in two steps.

Choosing the Right Clay

Most importantly for ceramic flower pots, you want to choose the right pottery clay. If you are making one to be used inside you will want a clay that is highly water tight such as stoneware. This way you won't damage your table due to water leaking through your pot.

If you are planting outside, a porous clay like terra cotta would work well. You don't need to worry about water seeping through, and the porous clay will allow your plants to drain better. Just be careful to keep them from freezing, as the freezing water in the clay will cause it to crack and break.

Let's look at how to make one in two parts.

Create a Flower Pot Body

The first step is to make the body of the pot. This is going to be a tall bowl shape with a heavy rim and straight walls that angle out toward the top. It can be any size, from mini to massive, depending on what you want to plant.

Throw the pot, then let it dry for a few hours. When the rim is firm, turn it upside down and dry the bottom some more. Trim the base of your clay pot project to give it a foot. Poke several pencil sized holes around the bottom for drainage. A wide straw works well.

If the clay gets stuck in the straw poke another hole using the other end of the straw. Then, when both ends are plugged, squeeze the middle and one end will usually pop out.

If this doesn't work, let the clay dry in the straw and it will fall out pretty easily. It's nice to have several straws to work with just to be safe.

Note: You can make a very cool "berry bowl" or colander using the same technique. Simply use your straws to poke holes evenly every inch or so all the way around the pot, including on the bottom. Be sure to leave an inch or two of solid, un-poked clay around the rim to give it additional strength.

Smooth the holes if necessary and set your pot aside to dry.

Create a Flower Pot Base

Next, make a base for the flower pot to catch any extra water. This is simply a flat dish 1-2 centimeters wider than the base of the pot.

To make a dish, center your clay a little flatter and wider than normal. Open the hole in the center. Open the clay to the right width. It helps to measure the base of your pot while it's wet.

Create a small lip on the plate by pulling up just a little clay at the outside. Cut off the excess if you have extra.

Dry the dish to leather hard. Trim it on the wheel if you desire. Then bisque fire, glaze and fire again.

If you're using terra cotta, you may want to leave it unglazed.

Place some rocks, gravel or broken pottery shard in the bottom to help with drainage. Plant flowers and feel the joy.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Potting.

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