About the Clay Slab Roller

Looking for a clay slab roller for sale on craigslist? Need a definition or instructions for use? If you plan to purchase one, find valuable information here first.

Slab Roller - A machine that presses clay into a flat, even slab for use in pottery. It consists of a large, flat table with a cylindrical roller which is rolled over the clay using a handle or wheel attached to a set of gears.

Brent SR-14 Slab Roller

If you've ever tried rolling large amounts of clay by hand with a rolling pin, you know how hard it is.

Rollers save all the effort of pressing and rolling by hand.

The thickness of the clay can be adjusted on most rollers.

Most rollers come attached to their own table. There are also a few portable ones that rest on any tabletop.

Using a Roller

To use one...

- First you lay down a heavy sheet of rolling canvas.

- Then you put a lump of pottery clay down and lay another sheet over it.

- On top of that goes a heavier rolling sheet.

- Then you rotate the handle until the roller passes over the clay.

- Rotate the handle the other direction to bring the roller back to it's original position.

- Remove the canvas and your slab is ready for use.

Other Slab Ideas

There are many ways that you can add textures to your clay. Here are a couple of ideas...

- Lay items on top of the clay before rolling such as leaves, cloth or pre-made texture sheets.

- Use pottery stamps or found objects to imprint the clay AFTER it has come out of the roller.

- See some cheap pottery gift ideas that you can make in a snap with a roller.

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